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I made a simple handout about the ways #box lti can be used in Canvas.

Feel free to download, share, etc.


Leona Barratt

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Hi Michelle!

There are a few things I love about using Box with Canvas.

  1. Unlimited file storage capacity This is a great place to store large video files. When an instructor copies the course from semester to semester since there are just referring links, it copies in a blink of an eye.
  2. The drag and drop feature in Box makes it easy to quickly upload a host of files to a folder that I've shared. Then, the referring link in my Canvas course(s) is immediately update to link to these documents in the folder I've shared.
  3. I like the embed widget that Box provides that allows me to embed the document right in my Canvas page for viewing. No #extra link to click on.
  4. Favorites: The ability to update in box using Boxes online Microsoft editor allows me to make edits directly in my documents online without having to download them. These updates of course are immediately completed for any and all references to this document.
  5. Favorites: When editing my document in, all references/links to all my Canvas courses are up to date. It's a great way to #manage data/files.

Here is a short video I made to demonstrate some of these features. It mentions using the embed code but this can also be done using the RCE if Box was installed on your Canvas server.


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