Ability to unpublish assignments with student submissions


I would love to be able to unpublish (not delete) assignments that have student submissions about a week after the due date. The list of assignments is tremendously long, especially now at the end of the year because every single assignment shows up. They have to wait a long time for the list to populate in order to turn in an assignment as well because there are so many. I always unpublish assignments that have past when able to clear their submission list and to do list as well. I feel like I was able to do this before, but am not able to this year. Can this please happen, especially if we have to continue online teaching next school year?


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Being able to unpublish an assignment or quiz would help me. If a student even opens as assignment, I lose the ability to unpublish it. It would also be nice to be able to unpublish a short exit quiz type assignment and only open it the last couple of minutes of class.

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Agreed @DonelJensen 

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Being able to hide access to assignments once students have submitted would be extraordinarily helpful.  Right now before each test I unpublish all modules, and hide everything but the modules from the navigation tab on the left to keep students form using assignments to cheat.  However, since I cannot unpublish those individual assignments , students can still get to them through the calendar function, which you cannot disable or hide.   I would like to be able to lock everything down so that they only have access to the test materials I provide them during a test. 



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Please please please make this change. 

This is the kind of "Canvas knows what your students better than you do" feature that is just mystifying to me.

In my case, I have a county-wide assessment that does not count for the grade that I want removed but I don't want to lose submissions.

Please get rid of these ridiculous passive-aggressive features.  I'm a big boy.  I can handle unpublishing an assignment that has submissions.  Really.



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Please can we have this functionality. Using Canvas for asynchronous courses (students can enrol as they want and complete at their own place) means we have to copy the entire course in order to reduce or change the course submissions. Completely unnecessary!
Please can some progress be made on this? 

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The workaround of "When we finish a Module, I can unpublish the module which 'hides' all the assignments, pages, etc., that are in the Module." is just not true.  A published assignment in an unpublished module still shows up as an assignment for students. I need to be able to unpublish an assignment that has submissions if I don't want the assignment now but I want to keep it for next semester.  Canvas doesn't get to decide why.  By all means have a pop up for "are you sure", but to disable a button because you think you know better than the teachers who use the app is ridiculous.

My only workaround has been to copy the modules off to another fake shell and then delete the assignments in my class.

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two years later and they still haven't listened to us about the feature... Canvas doesn't care about us...

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