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I have a number of faculty that download their grades every semester to keep a local record, but the current export for the grade book does not include if the blanks or number grades were missing or late.  This would be handy information to review or use as a record when a student challenges a grade.  Expanding this to the export would help tell the story of what went on during the course.  Simple "M" or "L" additions would be suitable.

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Also, "E" and "D" for excused and dropped scores would help track which scores are contributing to the final grade.

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Hello community,

When exporting the excel of the gradebook, we get information about grades but nothing about late submissions (though it is visible in the gradebook so the data exists).

For our school, it is very important to know if grades were submitted late and if so how late as students can get suspended if assignments are not handed-in on time. Suspension is not managed on Canvas and we regularly manually copy the data on late submissions from the gradebook to our system. It would be much helpful if it simply appeared in the excel and we could upload it to our system.

If possible, I would recommend selecting the elements when want to download before actually downloading the excel. What I have in mind is something like that:

Gradebook > click on Action > Export > pop up page where you tick different options (i.e. grades, late submissions, etc) and then you get your excel with all the data you need 🙂


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@mkollman @Naiema @Steven_S 

I'm with you on the idea to include the "status" in the gradebook export. This would help us deal with a couple of issues we have related to zeros that are eligible to be made up, versus those that are truly "missing."

The status indicator in the gradebook itself is very helpful, and I wish it were retained somehow in the export, such as a letter code or as a comment.

Thanks everyone! Take care.

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Our teachers could really use this feature. When students are moved between courses mid-semester, they export the gradebook and then import into the new course gradebook. The statuses do not come out in the export, and they also then do not import into the new course gradebook. This causes a lot of tedious, time consuming manual work for them in order to make their gradebooks accurate. It would save our teachers a huge amount of time and effort if the statuses were included in the gradebook export and also if they could be imported.

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