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Add "Capture Image" option to Record/Upload Media tool found in RCE and Media Recording submissions.

Add "Capture Image" option to Record/Upload Media tool found in RCE and Media Recording submissions.

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In the RCE "Record/Upload Media" option and in the "Media Recording" submission option, it would be super beneficial to have an option for students to be able to "Capture Image."  There is already a built in Canvas camera that is utilized for capturing video recordings in both of these places so it seems it would be relatively easy to utilize this same camera feature to capture still frame images as an option.  This would be super helpful to all students but especially those utilizing Chromebooks and some tablets with limited capabilities.  This would help to keep students within Canvas and allow them to quickly capture a needed picture of a work sample or some type of evidence quickly and efficiently.  Thanks for your consideration!

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open


Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, I found a few related conversations you might want to join:

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This feature would be extremely helpful!!! My students are 6 years old and it is difficult for them to submit their artwork to me without having to take a video. I cannot add a video to my virtual art show though. A single button to allow them to simply take a picture of themselves holding their artwork up, instead of having to record a video would be helpful for them and myself. Its hard for them to take a picture, save it to their computer, and upload it to canvas, if they could simply capture an image in canvas instead, it would save the headache for them. 



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Yes - pleae add this feature!  It would be a more strudent friendly option than taking, saving and uploading a photo.