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Add time limit to Assignments

Add time limit to Assignments

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With many institutions delivering exams online these days, it would be good to have time limit to Assignment so the clock start ticking when a student starts the assignment.


Quiz time limit + essay question or upload file don't give the right solution because they can't have plagiarism review (Turnitin in my case...).



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Community Team
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For me either a time limit for assignments or annotation on quizzes.  

I teach math asynchronously.  I would like to give a timed exam.  I want them to take it when it's convenient for them, as my students have jobs, families, etc.  I give them the whole day 10a to 10p.  Some students don't have those limits on their time.  So they get twelve hours to take the exam.

Why don't I use quizzes?  There is no to adequately annotate the PDF submitted like there is with Assignments.  With math, circling the incorrect area and providing feedback on the spot is pivotal.

So my choice is between providing consistent administration of exams and providing adequate feedback.

Community Team
Community Team


Thanks for your comment. Have you added your thoughts to  New Quizzes: Allow annotated feedback in Speedgrad... ? It sounds like that, if implemented, would also address your use case.

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One of our instructors has used timed quizzes for this purpose but the only thing that quizzes offers over assignments is the timer. Every other aspect of the workflow in quizzes is less satisfactory for the instructor. 

In particular is the added time that it takes to work through the grading of the uploaded files because  you have to download them and you also have to put in the question points and then update the quiz score as opposed to just putting in the score as you do in an assignment. Not a huge difference maybe, unless you've got a 120 students, then every click matters.

We are working around the issue to some extent by using an essay question instead of a file upload question. We gave the students instructions on how to embed the file in the rich content editor and choose the 'expand preview automatically option' which eliminates the need for the instructor to download and open the file. So that will hopefully help a little bit but a timer on the regular assignments tool would be so much more satisfactory,

Thank you,

John Willingham
Emory University