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The Files section of Canvas allows folders for organizing files. Pages does not. Why the awful inconsistency in the user interface? I currently have 30+ pages that I've created in - all in flat directory structure. I'd like to be able to organize them, you know, like Files and stuff I have on my computer.

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Please refer to the update from the product team here

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Update on "Canvas Page Folders" extension

In June, I released the Chrome extension "Canvas Page Folders"  which allows grouping of Page links into folders. The intention was to encourage members of this discussion group and other interested parties to have a look at the extension's features and give feedback. 

I haven't yet seen any comments of any kind, but I note that the number of users has increased during the summer in spite of the extension not being listed on Chrome Web Store (i e you need the link to find it). I am therefore considering releasing it publicly so that also people who haven't heard about it before can find it. If there are some remarks on the functionality of the extension that would need addressing before that, please communicate.

@Ron_Bowman – have you heard any comments?


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@dan_baeckstrom - I have not heard anything.  However, I have not been on the forum for about 1.5 months - I have had some work issues that were taking precedence over the forum.


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Yes - It makes the pages without folders unmanageable.

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@d_truax Can you explain your comment a little more?  I am not sure that I understand what you are stating.


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There should be some way to organize the pages. I have hundreds of pages and even just scrolling through them and waiting for them to load is a problem. I have solved this sort of by numbering all my pages and then it sorts by number. However, it is still a problem. Fast search would help as would some "tags" that could be put on pages or virtual folders, etc. Right now it is very cumbersome to find specific pages. I would like, for example, to just have a folder called "archived pages" where I can keep pages not in use.

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I have realized that the best thing for me to do is to move everything to Pages (instead of using files or Google). Pages will provide the same live revising that Google Docs provides, instead of having to re-upload files.  It would be so nice to be able to organize the pages, because I am likely to have 40 pages for every course.. I would also suggest that those who don't like the idea not vote it down. it just because you don't use the feature. Someday, you may find that it is optional compared to what you are presently doing. It's best to keep an open mind and to think of others.