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Allow screen visibility when doing a video within canvas

Allow screen visibility when doing a video within canvas

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Within an assignment or discussion you have something that you want the student to read and capture the reading on video. Such as phonetic blends or reading passages to test reading levels. But when the student clicks the media recording button the screen behind the video screen goes dark and the student can no longer read off it. You can move the video screen out of the way (to the side, top, or bottom) but the screen is still dark and is not longer accessable to the student. This is a problem. I would prefer not to go outside of canvas for videoing as this is a great feature within canvas and less convoluted for a younger student to use. Can you make a suggestion of how to combat this issue or is there a fix for it?



Faith Lerch

Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. We've opened it for general conversation so that our members can evaluate it—and perhaps suggest an interim solution that will work for younger learners.

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I want to be able to add content to an assignment and have students record audio while viewing the content, This would allow students to submit a fluency recording. At this time, the audio box pops up in front of the content so students can't view a passage to read while recording audio.

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This would be very helpful for primary students in the remote setting. Early elementary students have a hard time managing split screens and need to be able to do this in one place, only signing into one platform. 

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I also like the aspect of this for English language learners who need to practice oral responses constantly to improve their spoken academic English.

Community Team
Community Team
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It looks like you asked for the same functionality in Teacher read aloud with assignment - Canvas Community.

Would you be open to consolidating these ideas?



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This feature would be particularly helpful for primary students who often need to see the assignment details/documents while they record audio and video responses. Being able to see the assignment content while recording is critical for our youngest learners.

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This idea is fantastic and exactly what we need for fluency practice. 

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When a student goes to record a video or voice recording, they are no longer able to see the content on the Canvas page, which makes it difficult for students to be able to know what they are supposed to do. This would be great to have the content showing while recording. 

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Yes, yes, yes!!!  I wish it would pop up on the left just like when you are linking information!  Also, the background turns dark grey and it is hard to read. 

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My students need to be able to move the window of the "record/upload media" like in the previous version.  They need to be able to see their assignment while recording their responses.

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My students and I need to be able to move the window in order to see the text behind it for recording.

Thank you

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

In the new RCE, the media recorder blocks the text/content behind it, so you cannot see or read what is on the screen.  We could do this in the original RCE.  

Please fix this as often teachers, especially of younger students, or simply for UDL reason, read their content.

Also, for World Language classes, students sometimes type their text, and then record themselves reading it.

This video show the issue:


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I would like this functionality for myself as an instructor too. I provide feedback on assignments and reply to emails using media, and I need to see the screen while recording media.

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When we use the media recording tool in Canvas, the photo box where we are recording should be moveable so that the content behind could be readable.