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How do idea conversations work in the Instructure Community?

How do idea conversations work in the Instructure Community?

Input from existing users is a very important part of how Instructure prioritizes work on new and existing features and fixing bugs. Instructure looks at data from the support team, feedback from Customer Success Managers (CSMs), and from the Community directly. Learn more about starting idea conversations and the development process.

Idea Conversations reside within the Roadmap section under each product area in the top navigation of the Community.

Who can start an idea conversation?

Any registered user with the rank of Member may begin an idea conversation. Anyone can create an account for free and become a registered user. 

How are idea conversations moderated?

  • New conversations start their lives in a non-rating stage called Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea.
  • The Community Team reviews new submissions, generally within three days.
    • The Community team may also apply organizational tags or archive any idea with an explanation.
    • Please allow time for the review process to occur before sharing your idea conversation link with others.
  • A new idea may be moved into Moderating status if the idea is incomplete or needs clarification from the contributor.
  • Moderators merge duplicate idea submissions into existing closely-related conversation threads to keep discussions unified and simplify search results.

How long are idea conversations open for rating?

Idea conversations are available for rating unless they have been completed or archived for a documented reason.

How do I rate an idea?

How do I rate an idea?

You can rate an idea conversation to show how important it is to you.

To rate a conversation, click the number of stars, with 1 being low and 5 being the highest importance.


What are the idea conversation stages?

Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea

New conversations start out in this non-rating stage pending review by a member of the Community Team.

Ideas in the initial stage may be merged with existing ideas that request similar feature updates.


An idea conversation that is incomplete or needs clarification may be placed into Moderating status. Conversation moderators may request that the author provide clarification or complete additional actions before the conversation can be released from moderation status. If an idea has been in this status for more than two weeks without a reply from the original author, it may be archived.


Ideas that are open for conversation allow any Community member to rate or comment on the idea. Idea conversations allow users to share use cases, discuss benefits, and share constructive feedback that may argue against the idea. Product teams may review open ideas when planning development roadmaps.

In Development

In Development idea conversations are currently being worked on or will commence work within the next six months. Most of these conversations are linked to a Product priority, which includes related idea conversations and other activities around development. If an idea is marked as being In Development, the Community Team will comment whether the conversation might be implemented soon or whether it will be part of the long-term roadmap.

On Beta

On Beta idea conversations have features available in the product's Beta environment. Typically this stage only applies to Canvas LMS feature development.


Archived idea conversations include a comment and provide clear reasons for why the conversation was archived. Ideas may not be developed because of technical limitations, product planning and direction, or because they are duplicates or do not meet the requirements for a new idea.

On occasion, comments may be closed for archived idea conversations to streamline search results.


Complete ideas are features that have been implemented and deployed.

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