Arc/Studio feedback in speed grader - assignment 2.0

If Arc was an option in speedgrader for teachers to give feedback, it would mean that the teacher could annotate the student's submission and record their voice at the same time.


At the moment, to do this in canvas, they would need to open arc separately, move to speed grader and start to annotate the work.

Doing this work would also allow students to submit arcs as media types.


in the screenshot below, I imagine you would inject either a new tab, or a new button that opens Arc.




Here is a mockup of what this would allow the teacher to do:






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Instructure Alumni

Thanks for sharing this idea,  @aengland ‌. We also have a different but related idea open for voting at .

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This would be great. Especially as we see such value in creating authentic feedback for our students. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

For those who are interested in integrating Arc with the Gradebook/Assignments, there are other ideas that imply this connection:

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Yes, yes, yes!  An integrated screen recording feedback tool would be much more than nifty.

One question is how to handle the recordings.  For example, if I were to give such feedback on four assignments in a course with +30 students that would amount to over 100 videos added to my collection for that course alone.  Things can get messy quick.   As this is feedback to the submission, I think it would be important for the feedback video to be linked to the course and not my personal Arc account. I am thinking of course reviews, accreditation, etc.

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Also, why does it take so long to save the videos? I have been sitting here for about 15 minutes waiting to save a good video feedback session (about 5 minutes long). It is supposed to be a feature that saves time in grading. However, I am already suspicious about losing the content in the saving process/step. So far, I have lost two due to a prolonged "Save" step, in which it seemed to have frozen.

I also agree that recording would be great if we could still see/scroll through the discussion as we record. Perhaps a smaller window off to the right side of the screen? A video or audio feedback option could be a great way to engage students but at this point, I'm not excited to use it. 

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stefaniesanders I am voting for this idea but I have been searching for another, too, and am hoping you can tell me if it is already submitted or if I need to do it. I had a student submit an Arc recording for an assignment. I went into Speedgrader to grade and could see the student's video right there which was fantastic! I watched it and left feedback in the form of comments in the video. However, the student cannot see any of these comments. I masqueraded as him, and verified this. All that time wasted providing comments that he cannot see. This was misleading to me as an admin and instructor. If I can leave them here, I have every reason to believe that students should be able to see them, too. When I chatted with Canvas support, he told me that the students will only be able to see feedback on the last submission they made. In this case, the student submitted an Arc video as well as a docx file. The Arc video was first. Are there any ideas already out there regarding this?

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Instructure Alumni

Thanks for asking,  @hansardc . The idea that addresses this is, so please add your support and specific use case there. In the meantime, the workaround solution would be to create two separate assignments: one for the Arc submission and one for the file upload.

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