Calendar View to Include Overlapping Months

Events in the calendar can be dragged to different days.  YAY!  This is a totally cool feature.  The calendar, however, will not show different months, so that dragging something from October to November is not possible, unless the month ends in the middle of the week. BOO!  October this year (2020), as you know, ends on a Saturday, thus we cannot see any part of November to drag an event to.  BOO.
I would like to suggest a calendar view option which allows users to see two weeks of one month and two weeks of the subsequent or previous month.  This will make planning much easier. 
Community Team
Community Team
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Community Team
Community Team
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There is a neat trick that you can use to drag and drop events to future months.  On the top right hand side of the calendar you should see a small calendar view.  You can move forward a month and then drag the even from the calendar on the left to the date on the calendar on the right.  

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Wow!  That makes things easier.  Who would EVER have even thought of doing that?    Thanks for the tip!