Canvas + Personalized organizer with scheduled meditation excersices


A version of Canvas with a personalized organizer that would count how much time you´ll have for your homework and what percentage of it you´ve already have done. The personalization could be done by a series of algorithms that would learn and save the interactions done inside the platform, how much time you spend doing certain activities, calculating how much time will it take you to do it (an estimate). And so with projects, quizzes etc. And also on this version suggested playlists curated for focus and concentration and creative work. The programing would include scheduled meditation exercises depending on the hours you´ve already passed in front of the computer, exercise for body posture, and des stress. 


Community Team
Community Team
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Both of these sound like interesting ideas. However, an integration with a third-party app like Calm would require work from Calm to integrate specifically with Canvas, so that doesn't really fit into the scope of this Idea Conversations space. Your first idea sounds like a great start, but it would be helpful to add more detail about the functionality you're looking for. This would help other Community members know exactly what you're suggesting and help our product teams understand your feature idea in greater detail. 

Please edit your idea to remove the Calm suggestion and add more detail about your first idea and then we'll move it forward for consideration. Thanks!

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