Comment Box for Typed Comments Should Expand in Canvas Teacher App

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The comment library coming to the teacher app is great, but even when I use pre-prepared comments, I need to edit them and tailor them to the individual student.  This is very difficult to do when the box for comments stays such a small size.  The comment box should automatically expand and/or be manually expandable so that we can navigate more easily in long comments. The box as is is too small.


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Community Team
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I agree. I would love a setting to "set" the default size of the comment box or choose from 3-4 size options in the settings menu. It's quite tedious to edit my comments in such a small comment box, and it's even more tedious to drag it into a workable box on each student's answer. There seem to be lots of steps within the Canvas platform that minimize productivity...

No hate intended, but rather, I prefer to adjust user settings with as few clicks/steps as possible. So far, Canvas has been the contrary. (There are MANY things Canvas does well, though!)