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Comment Notifications among TAs and Teachers

Comment Notifications among TAs and Teachers

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Currently instructors and TAs only receive comment notification if students submit comments to an assignment/submission, and not if another TA or instructor submits a comment. There are instances, where it would be great to monitor comments for instructors/TAs, specifically when it requires input corrections, or other follow up steps from others. 

Being able to control if TA/instructor comments to trigger notifications would be SUPER helpful.

Some examples:

  • A TA responds to a student, but is unsure and will require follow up with the teacher
    (currently the TA needs to send a separate e-mail to the teacher without reference to assignment)
  • A TA directly has a question for the teacher to a specific assignment/submission (would be great if this could be done/checked as a private message - something that I have seen discussed in other ideas/suggestions)
  • A teacher makes a call/clarification to an assignment, informing students AND TA at the same time/place in the process (currently the TA has no indication that I responded to a student)

We have several courses where we have more than one instructor on record. Keeping each other informed on decisions/practices on responding to assignments is currently not effective and needs to be done outside of canvas.

I hope this idea request finds followers as this would streamline our academic world tremendously.

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open