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Common announcement to all my classes

Common announcement to all my classes

i teach five different classes (classes, not sections! ) and I have an announcement to make to all my classes. Currently, the only way seems to be - make the announcement five times, once in each class.


Shouldn't I be able to make it once, for all my classes?

Note from the Community Team: We are aligning this with a very similar idea," modifiedt....


Yes! Need this. For sharing campus wide announcements with all 140 of my current students (in 3 different courses) at once.


This would be a function for the Instructor to notify all of their classes and/or sections with one announcement. Rather than having to go into each classes and copy/paste or rewrite, you could write one email to say something like:

  1. My power is out
  2. I am sick so offline for the day [week, etc]
  3. I am available for video conferencing now
  4. all gradebooks up to date
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Please move this up and help us be able to work efficiently!


Hello Canvas people! (Anyone actually monitoring these?)

Six years since this was first raised! Five years since you combined it with an earlier thread! Over a year since similar functions were debuted for other features in the LMS. A semester since I last commented on the pressures of COVID teaching dramatically increasing the need.

With a colleague out this term, I have 8 sections going at once. This is absolutely an essential time saver.

[Crickets chirping....]

Anyone have the email of the CEO? Maybe we need to go to the top of the pile?



Thumbs up to  comments from hdicarlo    and    kmstewart

7 years in/on the pile. -Hmmmm.


From the Ideas Community header paragraph:

Input from existing users is a very important part of how Instructure prioritizes work on new and existing features and fixing bugs. Instructure looks at data from the support team and gets feedback from Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and from the Community directly.



I would like the option to add different sections with different delay times (or even more simplistic, the option to duplicate an announcement so I can just edit the information).

For instance, I upload my answers to homework to Announcements and have the announcement delayed until just after the homework due date/time, so students have to turn their homework in before having access to the answers.

However, having block schedules this year means I need the option for different delay dates for different days. This would more or less be like the assignment options where you select the different sections and due dates.

This would be SOOO helpful!

As of right now, I have to create 2 announcements for each day of our block schedule, and upload my PDF of answers twice! There must be a better way!

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Yeah, come on already... This is ridiculous



This would be great - esp. if it weren't binary:  can we create announcements outside the course shell and then click boxes for the appropriate classes (one, several, or all) to broadcast it to?


My university is considering switching from Blackboard to Canvas and I'm on the evaluation team.  I was playing around in my sandbox account and trying to find a feature to send announcements to multiple courses and couldn't find one.  A google search brought me here and I am stunned to learn that this feature is not available in Canvas.  (There is a real easy way to send pick and choose which courses I want to send an announcement or email to in Blackboard and it would be very annoying to lose this feature if we switched to Canvas.)

I also was under the impression that Canvas was quite responsive to users (and certainly more responsive than Blackboard), but given that it has been years since people first requested this feature (which can't be THAT hard to implement) I am not certain that my initial impression was correct.

Is this feature going to be added to Canvas in the near future?