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Different Help Options for Different Sub-Accounts

Different Help Options for Different Sub-Accounts

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For institutions using one Canvas instance for multiple colleges or campuses, it would be nice to have the ability to have the Help menu (in the Global Navigation menu) be able to be changed per sub-account and not just by role.

We now have our 100% online courses in their own sub-account with accompanying structure.  These courses have their own help desk that is not available to the rest of our faculty or students.  With the current structure, you can only differentiate by role so you would have to put in the description who should use what links which just creates a mess and many people do not even pay attention to and get routed to the wrong support.  If the menu could different by sub-account, we could just show faculty and students the support resources that are applicable to them.

I am aware that sub-accounts are course based so if you have courses in multiple sub-accounts you would potentially have differing support options showing but this is the same with people that have multiple roles (such as faculty and student) and they end up with the same result.

Currently we are accomplishing this with custom js, but it would be nice to have a Canvas supported method that would not break and worked on both web and mobile (app).


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We are doing this with custom JS too. Adding links to the global Help, using JS to globally remove them and Sub Account JS to enable it in that account. It's silly.

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@robotcars have you figured out how to do it for the App?  I am using several of the pieces of code you have posted in this community (thank you by the way!!!) but have not figured out how to make it work on the app yet.

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I have not invested much time into JS'ing the Mobile App. The few times I started, I stopped with difficulty trying to get the App (via App Store) into iOS simulator to utilize debugging/inspector tools. I'm also not entirely sure that anything besides the content block in the APP is HTML based.

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