Disable the option to give more than 100% of the grade for the activity or group of activities.

Problem statement:

We have observed that even if an activity has a maximum mark of 100% it is possible to indicate a higher mark such as 125%, e.g. as an extra credit. This makes it possible for students to get higher marks than they should and consequently increase their average in the task group or in the course. Or the opposite in this case because negative grades can be given.

It may also be the case that a teacher makes the mistake of giving a higher grade than normal and the platform would accept it without any problems. Or simply that the grades do not match the qualification scheme and can be in contradiction with the grades used by the institution in the SIS.

For this reason, we consider that an option could be enabled, in the platform settings, where institutions can choose if they want to use this extra credit or if they want to stick to the maximum grades already configured for each activity and each group of activities. These should never exceed the total of 100%.

Proposed solution:

Enable an option, in the platform settings for institutions to choose whether they want to use the "extra credit" in the activity grades, the total score of the group of activities or in the grade in the "Override" column, or instead go for the maximum grades already configured in each activity and in each group of activities.

With this set up option, you can reduce human error when reporting grades in Gradebook or Speedgrader to a minimum. Also, do not give the "extra credit" option by default as the teacher may not be informed that he/she is giving a higher grade than the maximum grade given to a student.

And do not have contradictions with the grades used by the institution in the SIS.

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Hi @TamaraPiqueras -

I did a quick search of our existing ideas, and I found Canvas gradebook grade capped at 100% and I'm wondering if that would meet your needs. If so, I can merge the threads together (so your additional needs/possible solutions would be included). It helps the Community and our Product Team when conversations can align and build off of one another.

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Hi Kristin,

That could be great! We want to share the idea and we can help them too, that's perfect!

So you match both and then we have another link for the idea? How does it work?

Thanks in advanced,