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I like the comment library feature, but I wish the comments could carry over to the DocViewer annotations. Another option would be to create an annotations library.

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I am grading student papers via Speed Grader, and I have built up a comment library containing my feedback about problem areas of student papers: essay organization, integration of sources, run-on sentences, MLA formatting, etc.  I want to use my comment library as I annotate student work, highlighting specific words and sentences on student essays and inserting my library comments into annotation boxes that are tied to specific words and sentences that I have highlighted.  

This feature does not currently exist, so I have to retype each comment or cut and paste library comments into annotation text boxes, which is a huge waste of time.  

This feature would be easy to design and implement, and it would save instructors countless hours of time doing tedious work.   

Ultimately, instructors will shift to other platforms for grading if this feature remains unavailable in Canvas.  

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@AdamKempler Agreed! I used Turnitin at my previous institution, and I was able to build a library of annotations that I could use on student papers. When critiquing writing, it's important, I think, to place comments next to the section that needs improvement or is done well. I hope that Canvas can make a feature like this.

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Yes please!  This is a much needed feature in Canvas! 

As a former user of Turnitin Feedback Studio, I do miss my QuickMarks, as they enable better quality feedback in a shorter space of time.   

The comments/annotations must remain editable, however, so a comment can be tailored or addressed to a student when appropriate. 

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This will be a great idea for writing teachers! 

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I'm an instructional designer, passing along a need from an instructor: there is a need for a comment bank to be integrated directly into the DocViewer in Speedgrader, so that instructors can place the same comment multiple times on specific locations within a document. This would greatly speed up grading when instructors have to post the same comment multiple times in reference to specific parts of a student's submission.

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Please include this feature: generic comments are more suited to annotation on specific parts of the essay (e.g. more detail needed; source missing etc).

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Agreed! This would be an excellent time saver. Our instructors need an Annotation Library to choose from when annotating paper submissions in our graduate nursing programs. 

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Both and Google Classroom allow for this feature. For all teachers of writing, having a comment bank to add as we track concerns, omissions, or other notes would save a great deal of time and effort. Right now, I'm actually having my students submit all essays to Google Classroom instead of canvas in order to give them better feedback that doesn't absorb so much of my time.

Please add this feature.

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