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Encouraging Early Submission of Work Through Extra Credit

Encouraging Early Submission of Work Through Extra Credit

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I use the feature that deducts a certain percentage of points and it works quite well. 

I encourage my students to turn in their work before the weekend by giving them 5% extra credit for doing so. The students that take advantage tend to submit a higher caliber of work than those who wait until the last day. 

Can you create something similar to the late work feature that says if you submit by x date, you'll get an additional x percentage added? 


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I would like to encourage students to submit work early. Therefore allow me to provide a certain percentage of the assignment grade if it is submitted more than 24 hours early. 

For example, a discussion board response will get an extra 5% of the total points if it is submitted before 24 hours of the due date.

Rather than using the "stick" approach and penalizing late assignments, you use the "carrot" approach and reward students  who complete work well before the due date.