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Fully Hide/Encrypt Access Code in New Quizzes

Fully Hide/Encrypt Access Code in New Quizzes

The revised version (New Quizzes - Hide Access Code) only allows you to mask the access code, allowing users to click the "Show Access Code" (option shown below). However, allowing students to see the access code in any capacity deems the exam unprotected since the students can then share the access code and access their exams outside of any proctored environment.

The request would be to add an additional option for the access code, that would allow the exam administrator to select an option to fully encrypt the access code. This would prevent students from having an option to view/share the access code under any circumstance, therefore maintaining the integrity of all proctored exams. 

345081_image (7).png

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Community Member

Currently, our University cannot utilize the New Quizzes tool due to this exact issue. We hope that everyone supports this additional feature option/ask so all stakeholders can confidently administer proctored exams using New Quizzes and their respective proctoring solutions.