New Quizzes - Hide Access Code

Idea created by on May 9, 2019
    This idea is completed and has been deployed to Canvas

    For more information, please read through the Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-01-15).


    This idea has already been entered and just went into cold storage recently but I thought I'd revive it as this feature prevents us from moving to Quizzes.Next with any course that has proctored exams.


    • In Quizzes (classic), a proctor can enter a password/access code for a student and the student cannot see it.
    • In Quizzes.Next, this functionality has changed so the Access Code is viewable, there is no encryption or hiding of the text.  This results in some institutions not being able to us Quizzes.Next to proctor exams as there is not a way to ensure academic integrity.  We utilize proctors in in our online across all states and many countries with multiple proctors and students taking exams at multiple times/on multiple days.  So an access code is not effective if a student can view it and then share it with others.

    Here's probably a better explanation of why it may be important from the last feature request - Hide Student Access Code on Entry in Quizzes.Next 


    I didn't see it in the priority list that I remember or in any mention of future developments.