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Global Announcement For Specific Terms

Global Announcement For Specific Terms

With the release of Global Announcement Notification Option, which includes a checkbox to distribute a notification to subscribed users, I would like to suggest a possible enhancement by adding the ability to send global announcements to subscribed users in a specific Term.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.


Community Member
Community Member

We have need of this right now.

Because of the caching issue with the Canvas iOS app not adding new Classes to the class list (ie, if a student was added recently and the course is published they probably cannot see the course in the app without uninstalling and reinstalling the app...).

Anyway, we needed to target students who are only enrolled in the Spring 2020 semester (term). But since we cannot do that the message had to go to anyone who is/was a student in a course at any time.

This ability is even more important with the new global notification email because that can mean the difference between sending 65,000 notifications and 150,000 notifications.

Learner II

Oops! Smiley Happy I voted for it just now.

Community Member

I think both Ideas have merit and we'll see what Canvas pulls from the Ideas.

I did post information about this (particular) Idea to the other Idea to get people to vote for this one too.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Totally agree...let's vote this thing up!  


We came upon the need for this today with our snow day announcements.  We have students from several years ago that are receiving notifications from the global announcements (and not happy about it)

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Also, be sure to check out  Global Announcements ONLY for active courses and vote it up. I think it would have solved your issue too. Both ideas are great.