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Grades in the Teacher App

Grades in the Teacher App


It would be incredibly helpful to see a gradebook in the teacher app so that teachers can easily enter grades for multiple students on the same screen. As it stands now, you can only enter grades for one assignment and one student at a time using the SpeedGrader, but if you have an assignment or exam that's given to students live in class and you just want to record all of your student's grades at once, it's very inefficient to use this feature. The workaround is to go directly to the Canvas website and access your gradebook there, but it would be much better if this was just another feature in the app. While phone screen sizes are smaller than computer screens and not all students may appear in the screen at once, we should just be able to scroll down to see the next batch of students like we do when we're accessing the gradebook on the Canvas website anyway. 

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Voted!  @anussdorf  I really like how you envision mobile grading working in the classroom and agree that it would be a terrific enhancement to the awesome Canvas Teacher app.

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Community Team

I can see this working on an assignment-by-assignment basis, for sure. I don't know if I'd want my full gradebook, but to be able to add items in a single column by section would be helpful for those in-class quick/formative assessments.

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Voted up!  Yes, grades in the teacher app is not a frill but a necessity!  The argument that it's too big and awkward for a phone screen completely bypasses the fact that teachers love to mark on tablets, and we need gradebook functionality there so that we can release grades to students once multiple TAs have finished marking (--we can monitor that it's been completed, check that the TAs are giving similar average scores, revisit graded assignments as needed, and THEN post  all the grades from gradebook so students can see them.) 

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Thank you for including this as an idea. I concur.

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This just seems like a no-brainer to me.  Why wouldn't teachers have the ability to view the gradebook from the app?  It makes no sense and should be fixed.

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This is a MUST have feature for a teaching application.

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Whoever decided to leave Grades out of the Teacher App obviously was not a teacher.  I can't believe they left it out!  

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The Grades option is an integral tool in Canvas. I should be added to the Mobile Application.  It is sad to see that this is needed by the community and yet its been open since July 23rd, 2019 and nothing has been done with it.

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Voted for this too. Funny Grades does not appear in the app. Also tied to this, having Grades may be one way to launch Originality Reports on assignment submissions (also not there)

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Please bring back the Gradebook in the app.