Group assignment, self-sign up from submission page


Canvas has a setting, which allows students to self-sign up to groups when using group assignments. However, the submission page does not tell the student how to sign up or submit as a group at all.

We often do group submissions in “larger” courses with 200+ students. When self-sign up is used, students often get confused and have to ask for specific instructions on how to sign up to a group.

This is time consuming and causes frustration. Students often end up submitting individually or sign into the wrong group, which again causes problems when grading assignments.


* Self-sign up should be available directly from the submission page.

  That would allow students to submit and sign up to a group at the same time, from the same location. Which would      eliminate some of the need for specific instructions. 



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I concur! This causes lots of confusion indeed.

When it's a group assignment and the group set is set to "self signup", there should definitely be a button to select a group directly in the assignment. Furthermore, students should not be able to make a delivery without selecting a group, or at least get a warning about this.

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I agree. This is a great source of frustration and confusion. As a fail-safe, you could also add the option to make group membership mandatory before being able to submit. 

My top 2 wishlist for improved group assignments:

1) Make it possible to add a separate deadline for forming groups. If you are not part of a group close to the deadline, bring up a warning and display available groups when logging on to Canvas.

2) Add the possibility to make group assignmenst mandatory, effectively preventing individual hand-ins and the confusion this causes.

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 @arild_schanke  (and everyone), there are existing feature ideas related to both parts of your wishlist:

Please consider upvoting and commenting! Thanks in advance.

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And due to the possibility of students changing groups after assignment submission the following fix is also important: 

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Absolutely, this is very important! We have had several cases where students have joined other groups to copy submissions.. There are many issues with group submissions + self sign up. Some of these issues should definitely be a priority to change due to the severity of the problem.

I find it strange that ideas concerning self sign up have so few votes when the group system has so many obvious flaws. 


But I guess we will just have to cross our fingers and wait.

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I concur! I recently switched to Canvas from Blackboard, which has a feature like this. There should be the capability to post a group sign-up page (ideally attached to the assignment) that shows students only groups in the group-set attached to an assignment. I use a lot of groups sets in large classes, and it is EXTREMELY difficult for students to find the right group to join in the current interface.

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Yep! We are still having massive issues using the group submissions + self signup, i probably spend 1/3 of my time cleaning up / fixing group submissions and plagiarism cases due to students signing into other students groups.

I have just testet the new "assignment workflow" which looks very promising! I am really hoping they will make group submissions a priority for this new workflow as it's currently on the "not supported" list:

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