Increase the number of visible course cards in the Dashboard from 20 to 40.


There are parents with multiple children in school and they are not able to see all of the children's course cards in the Dashboard. 

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Community Team
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Hi @RonDeF,

Since your idea is specific to viewing more courses for a student, you may also be interested in another idea that's open for conversation around having an option for parents to toggle between course calendars by student: Parents: toggle view between children. If you'd like to support that idea, you can give it a rating and/or comment on it. 


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The problem: We have students who are enrolled in over 20 courses (17 school subjects + FAQ, information groups etc.). Because all of the courses aren't visible on the dashboard as default, some students think that they haven't been enrolled in all of the courses. 

Of course, the students can make all the courses favorites (click on the stars in the course list) but it seems like an unnecessary step to have to go through with the students each and every year... 🙂


My suggestion: let the admins decide how many courses should be visible on the dashboard as default. 

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Dashboards are limited to a fixed number of courses so when students study many courses, they do not see all of them.

This can be overcome by "Favouriting" the courses on the Student's dashboard, but it is a painfully slow step to show all enrolments when some students are enrolled in many courses. 
I would like an Admin option to change the cut-off point of this value from the default, which is reportedly 20 courses, to a higher value, so that students can see all their enrolments by default and without the need to manually favourite every single course they are enrolled in.

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