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Instructor Reminder to Publish Course

Instructor Reminder to Publish Course

We'd like to see a feature, or setting, that checks the "Start Date" of the course when an instructor logs in.  If the "Start Date" = Today's date, or after, then the Instructor receives a pop-up or warning indicating: "The start of the course has passed and this course has NOT been published. Students enrolled in this course will not have access until you publish this course." #publish courses#semester start#start date#course start date#beginning of term#faculty success#reminders

Community Team
Community Team

Thank you for sharing this idea,  @bfackrell . We'd like to call your attention to some related ideas also open for voting: 

And James Jones has created a tool that allows Canvas Admins to run a report of all unpublished courses:  The school's admin could use this information on the start date to identify and contact instructors who have not yet published their courses.

New Member

Thank you.  While those are close to what I'm suggesting, they're still not as obvious to the faculty member or instructor.  We're well aware of the admin tool, however, our institution does not publish on behalf of the instructor.  The suggestion I've made really requires that the instructor has to click through the reminders each time they're in the course.  The "Show Published/Unpublished Status" idea is close, but still not immediately seen by the instructor (they have to seek it out) as what I'm suggesting.