Show Published/Unpublished Status

Idea created by dllewellyn Employee on Jun 27, 2017

    Under the Courses tab, we could have a feature that shows the published/unpublished status of a course by a locked or unlocked icon. Students could see a course they are enrolled in, but if it's unpublished it would show up as locked.

    Teachers could also see which courses are published and unpublished from the Course tab, so they would be able to keep track of multiple courses. We get a few calls about not being able to access a class a teacher sent out an invitation for.  If a student knew they were in the class, but it's not published yet, they wouldn't have to worry about if a class has started or not. When you click on the lock, it would give you a start date of the course to check back on the status. It could also give the students an idea of when they could go into the course. TA's could also see what courses they could access with a key.



    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

    For details, please read through the Ready Release Notes (2020-04-25)