Integrate Polls for Canvas Mobile App with Powerpoint or Word

In order to assist with adding poll questions efficiently it would be good to integrate the Mobile App with Powerpoint.

This way a question can be written in powerpoint (or even word) and then it get linked to the mobile app as we type quicker on a full keyboard rather than a phone.

Appreciate that you can have external keyboards attach to mobile devices however we don't all have this ability.

The results of the polls as students answer could also be shown on the powerpoints although this is a very nice to have rather than an efficiency issue.

Community Team
Community Team

 @pr_scott ‌

I can see where this would be a 'nice to have'!

I do have a follow-up question to your idea here.  Would it need to be PowerPoint, or would it make sense to write this more generic?  If I'm understanding your idea correctly, you are seeking a way to input questions and view responses on a desktop/laptop computer.  Is that accurate? 

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The ability to view responses on a desktop/laptop would be the nice to have.

We are seeking a way to input questions from a desktop/laptop in order to create the questions faster? This can be powerpoint or word. The tool could be more generic provided the formatting ability it still there?

Some of our questions can be quite long and therefore take a long time for some members of the team to type on the mobile phone.

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I agree having the ability to create questions with a laptop or desktop would drastically help workflow. The ability to present/project poll results from a class computer would be great too. I am surprised more have not voted on this issue. 

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Instructure Alumni
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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Thanks to everyone who has commented upon and added their rating to this conversation. The Canvas Polls app will be deprecated and removed from their respective app stores on January 6, 2021. Please read through Upcoming Canvas Changes - Canvas Community for details.

In light of this, we've archived the idea.