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In Canvas, we have noticed a strange default value in the missing assignments section of the late policy in gradebook. By default if a professor uses this feature it will set the value for all missing values to 100% (full marks) but when looking at its function it should default to 0% (no submission = no marks). The reasons why Canvas should change the default value from 100% to 0% are:

  • Due to the nature of this tool, it is often used to assign 0% to all missing assignments. As such having the default be 100% instead of 0% means that each time the professor sets up this feature for a course they will need to change this value.
  • With the default value set to 100% some professors misunderstand what this actually does as why would the default mark for a missing assignment be set to 100%.

For these reasons the default value of missing assignments in the late policy should be changed from 100% to 0%.

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Good point! I noticed this also. I just enter a zero if an assignment is not submitted (then change the grade if and when the student submits). But I wonder if the issue is miscommunication. Is the default grade DEDUCTING 100% of the assignment value? or GIVING the missing assignment 100% of the value (as you assume in your suggestion, as seems to be the case in the Canvas gradebook setting, and I agree would not make sense). 

For this reason, I would not use this feature at all. Just continue to manually enter zero for unsubmitted/overdue assignments.

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I've tested it and  @matthew_penner is correct about the function and the default value.  You've offered a good example of how this could confuse teachers, however.  It is safe to use this feature as long as you understand that difference.

Another about using the late penalty that may interest you is: The goal of that idea is to help students understand the status of their grade after a late submission

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Hi Stefanie,

I was unaware of the alert it would send out to members who have voted on or are following this idea however the change I made was adding to the tags of the idea. I added the ubc, ubco, and university of british columbia tags.



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I have to agree, it seems odd that the default value of a missing assignment is 100%.  0% makes a LOT more sense.

A teacher told me he assumed it meant 100% of the score would be removed.  I just can't think of anyone who would want to assign 100% to a missed assignment.  Should be a simple fix and a lot less trouble!  There have been a small handful of teachers at my school who had this problem, not many, but very disturbing for them and quite hard to fix afterwards.  All those scores have to be manually changed, and how do you know who actually earned the 100%?  Nobody should have this problem.

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