Late work sync between Canvas and Infinite Campus

Right now, Canvas grades are synced with Infinite Campus but only up until the due date that is assigned in Canvas. If a teacher would like to accept late work and still maintain the syncing of the grades without having to manually enter them in IC, the teacher is required to change the due date in Canvas for either each individual student or for the entire class. This causes the teacher to have to go back to the assignment many times over to duplicate the action of extending the due date so the sync can occur. This, in turn, causes the "late submission" tag to disappear from Canvas, making it appear that the student submitted the work on time. The alternatives would be to either enter the grade manually in IC and mark it as "late" or to create a separate assignment for the student(s) who did not submit the work on time... all of the options are creating more work time for the teachers and opening the door to more potential user error.
What if the Canvas developers were to create a button that allows the teachers to still accept the late work without the need to change the due date and still have the ability to sync to IC? Something like a manual sync button that is accompanied by a warning dialogue box that would appear and warn the teacher that they are about to override grades that were already synced with IC before that time? The teacher would have the ability to accept the override and continue with the sync or decline the override and exit the sync?
I think that this could go a long way in increasing the usability of the grading aspect of Canvas. I fear that if the system is too clunky, as it is now with late work, we are going to continue to struggle with getting teachers on board to become Canvas users.
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Thank you for sharing this idea with the Instructure Community!

The Product Team reviewed all feature proposals recently, and unfortunately, this thread was identified as one that they would not be able to include in their current or future plans. While we appreciate your proposal, we also want to be transparent about the likelihood of something like this making it to production.

Thank you for collaborating, and we hope that you submit another idea in the future!