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Limit total time for quiz with multiple attempts

Limit total time for quiz with multiple attempts

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I would like a feature that allows students multiple attempts for a quiz, but limits the total amount of time for these attempts. Currently, each attempt gets the time limit. (for example: if I set the time limit to 60 min, and the number of attempts to 3, each student basically gets 180 min to complete the quiz by using 3 attempts. I would like to set the overall time limit to 60 min).

Also, I would like to have this total time reported - currently, the time of the last attempt is reported in "Moderate quiz" (yes, you can click on each student to figure this out, but this is unworkable for a large class).

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Community Team
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I think that my students would be really confused by this and have a hard time figuring out how to best "time" themselves. It would create unnecessary anxiety.