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Limiting Live Chat Function to Groups

Limiting Live Chat Function to Groups


It would be great if we could limit the live chat function to specific groups of students (e.g., 4-5 students working on a group exercise together), as well as to specific sections.  



Community Team
Community Team

 @gs_cmi , we've opened this idea for voting. In the meantime, consider using the Conferences feature to hold a chat with selected students. You'll find a comprehensive list of resources for Conferences in 

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I believe this fits closely with your idea. I would like the ability to turn off the public chat and shared notes options during conferences. As a 5th grade teacher my students love to use this feature to be distracting. I'm sure with so many elementary teachers using this feature for the first time that many would agree.

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I would love this function as well! I would love the option to chat in groups (they can already create discussions, but sometimes you want to be able to send short messages, fast).  

They could chat through conferences, but we don't allow students to create their own conferences, because our classes are so large that students could invite hundreds of people at the same time, which would be annoying...So that's not a good solution for everyone. 



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I am a student who is currently in a class that makes considerable use of group work. As such, our teacher has put us into groups within canvas, and in trying to establish straightforward communication with my groupmates, I have run into difficulties caused by the lack of useful communication tools for groups to use. discussions don't do a good job of noting when a new response is added, or of making their presence visible, and announcements are even more clunky.
I noticed in the class's page on canvas that there was a course chat feature, and it would be great if that feature (or something similar to it) were also available for groups, as there is currently a distinct lack of easy communication options provided to groups.