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Link The Same Assignments Across Multiple Canvas Pages

Link The Same Assignments Across Multiple Canvas Pages

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When you copy the same assignment across different Canvas courses, (Example: copy a project to my period 1, 2 and 3 digital art classes) the assignment should be able to be "linked" to the other courses, so that when you edit the assignment, the assignments on the other pages will automatically match the edit. I am a teacher, and this would save us time when we make an edit to an existing assignment. When I need to go back and add a resource, make a change, I have to find the assignment under each page and take the time to fix it in 3 separate times.

Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. Instructors manage this through the use of Blueprint Courses, and you'll find a brief description of how this works in practice in How do I sync course content in a blueprint course... 

Please reach out to the local Canvas admin for your district to learn more about getting set up with blueprint courses that will enable you to edit and push out content to multiple courses.

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This synch function needs to be more intuitive.