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Make Color Coding Optional in Rubrics

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Make Color Coding Optional in Rubrics

Rubrics have changed recently, adding color coding to the scores, with green for the highest scores and then orange and red for lower marks. I emphasize to my students that C or B is a good score, but now those who have earned a C or B have red marks on their rubrics. The color coding does not reflect my judgment of my students' achievements. Teachers should have the ability to disable color coding in rubrics, or it should be removed altogether. For more information, please see the discussion: New color coding in rubrics 

Navigator II‌, thank you for sharing this idea. You might also be interested in , which is currently open for voting.

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Thank you!

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Why is this idea archived already and not open for voting?

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Fixed! Thank you, frankel‌.


We have faculty at our institution that have the same sentiments! They do not agree with the Green/Yellow/Red highlighting. Giving them the ability to turn off the color coding, or pick their own accessible colors, would be great!

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This is a really frustrating change. The rubric needs to indicate that its marked (before it did with green, regardless of score), but in the Learning Mastery it would still show all of the colors. I would like it to function like this again, even if its is an institutional or individual instructor choice. The different colors are helpful when looking at Learning Mastery as a whole, but confusing and I think to discouraging for students when seen in the rubric. 

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I just want to register my strong agreement and add a few notes.  It is critical that the rubric scoring be clearly visible when you are working in a rubric.  I agree that the colors are not important, but the ability to have the completed items (whether the student was given full or partial credit) should be maintained.  Why not just shade the option selected?  Get rid of the color-coding and just shade the selection.  Currently, when one is working in a long, complex rubric, being able to ensure that every criterion is rated is highly important.  I would also add (once again) that the comments provided in the rubric should be much more visible to students and easy to find.  

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This is an important vote!  It took me more time to use the rubric with the color coding update to include time checking the rubric to ensure I did not miss any of the criteria.  I think giving the different rubric levels certain colors is assigning meaning behind the color that may differ from the Instructor's meaning.  I could see where students could become discouraged seeing red marks in their rubrics.  It is essential for this to be optional. I also wondered about accessibility with the use of colors.

Learner II

Although outcomes can take some time and effort to set up and build into rubrics, they do allow you to set your own standard for "mastery" which I believe will control the color coding displayed. 


The last time I tried working with outcomes, any updates had to be made on the outcomes screen, and then transferring the update to the rubric required editing the rubric by deleting the original outcome based criterion and then creating a new association to the updated outcome.  There's room for improvement in that workflow, but you will decide what standard creates the green color.