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Make editing ePortfolio pages more user friendly

Make editing ePortfolio pages more user friendly


In ePortfolios the Rich Content Editor is a bare bones version--no buttons to record media, no emoticons for comments, no way to switch to Html editor (for those of us who like things EXACTLY the way we want them). I want students to be able to vlog in ePortfolios without having to import from elsewhere and to be able to resize photos. 


The Rich content editor functionalities for the comments on the ePortfolio would help us to use the comments for proper feedback and make use of lay-out options and media tools for giving feedback on the portfolio. 


We want to use the ePortfolio as an assessment tool.  The record/upload media button would be great to have for self-reflection, audio recordings, etc.  I am curious as to why the GUI is different for the ePortfolio.  Please make it have the same functions as the rest of this tool.


ePortfolio is an awesome feature. I have students create a portfolio of signature assignments and reflections. It would be great if they could record a video introduction using Studio or the Record/Upload Media tool that is available on typical pages in Canvas.  The features on the pages in ePortfolio are very limited. 


ePortfolio needs to improve its rich content editor. Just import the same content editor that's in Pages!