Moderation of Assignments needs to be in multiples or percentages, NOT minutes


I recently learned it was possible to moderate quizzes for individuals with extra time if you used new quizzes instead of the old classic quizzes. However, this only allows you to add time in minutes. Our quizzes are 20-30 minutes long and our tests are 45-90 minutes long, meaning the time VARIES.

Canvas only allows moderations in MINUTES???

The current options for moderation assume every single assessment/assignment is the same length of  time.  Is there a way around this?  Can’t Canvas use the time you specify for an assessment and make the extra time dependent on the length specified?  This is the way the 504/ADA Federal guidelines are… percentages over regular times (50% extra; 100% extra), not minutes, because assessment times vary.

How can we set someone for the quarter/year if the times are variable?  As of today, I have 52 students (30%) with time moderations of 1.5 times or twice the standard time.  It takes an unbelievably long time to do this every day, every period, for every assignment.

It would be useful if the time moderations were in percentages.  For example, a student with 50% extra  time for a 60 minute test would require 30 extra minutes.  However, the same student with a test of 45 minutes would require 22.5  extra minutes.

Is there a reasonable way to do this? 

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Thanks for sharing this idea. Instructors have three choices for managing accommodations in New Quizzes: Give additional time; remove time limit (unlimited); and apply a time limit multiplier. When the instructor selects Time limit multiplier, a dropdown displays that allows the instructor to apply a multiplier that starts at 1.00. The instructor can then either increase the multiplier by increments of 0.01 or can enter the desired time multiplier in the field.

In other words, when you start using New Quizzes in action you'll see that the range of accommodation options is consistent with what you're hoping to find. Because this is how moderation is designed in New Quizzes, we've archived the idea.

Please read through How do I add assessment accommodations for a student in New Quizzes? for a detailed description.