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New Analytics - Toggle Option for Enrollment Status

New Analytics - Toggle Option for Enrollment Status

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We are moving away from an open source tool that has been customized to pull similar data as New Analytics.  One option missing in New Analytics is a toggle so faculty, administrators, etc. can show only active enrollments, inactive enrollments, concluded enrollments, etc.  Can there be an option added in New Analytics so individual users can determine what type of enrollment to generate data?   

Thank you for consideration of this idea.  

Community Team
Community Team
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I'd like New Analytics to include students with "inactive" enrollment status. @croseb1 I'm glad you brought this issue up. According to the Canvas Guide: How do I view analytics for an individual student in New Analytics? "Only active and completed student enrollments are included in data for New Analytics. Deleted or inactive user enrollments will not generate data."

All the community colleges in California must comply with federal regulations pertaining to federal financial aid eligibility. Instructors must document and report the last date of attendance for all students who drop themselves or who have been dropped by the instructor.

Unfortunately, instructors can't get the Last Date of Attendance (LDA) from New Analytics after the student drops (since the student's enrollment status is "inactive").  Instead they have to go look at the submission date of each assignment, quiz, and discussion. Imagine if you have several assessments in each module and you have to wade through 3 or 6 of them (for each student).

The Determining Student Activity in Canvas Data presentation from InstructureCon 2018 used Canvas Data to create a customized LDA report. Back in 2015, @kona shared how @James created a customized LDA report for their college's Financial Aid office.

I'm looking for a solution that instructors can use. New Analytics has the data, we just need it for "inactive" students. I'd like to hear from the Community to see if there is already a Feature Idea about this or if anyone has a possible solution.

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Currently when running reports in New Analytics, such as a missing assignment report, the report includes all students including students who have been concluded in the course. 

Idea Suggestion: Add in an option to only include active students in the report. This could be a checkbox or filter that is available to select when running the report.

This would provide more clarity for teachers who are trying to determine the missing work of students who are active in the course, versus seeing students on the missing list who have been concluded from the course because they moved, dropped the course, etc. 

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Would totally support this - We use roll off roll on and have courses where there are lots of completed students, thus skewing any data available in analytics.