New Quizzes: Full size Stimulus Questions with no internal scroll bar


When attaching multiple questions to a stimulus question a scroll bar will appear so students can scroll down to see all the questions. Some students don't realize that they need to scroll using the internal scroll bar, and miss questions. I would propose that the scroll bar is eliminated and the questions appear at full length to eliminate any confusion.

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Instructure Alumni

Thanks for sharing this idea,  @tracy_campbell . As it moves forward for broad discussion, you might also be interested in 

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This is very good - I have found the same issue. Additionally, it would be good if the stimulus went down as the student scrolls through the questions instead of remaining at the top of the page, so that students could still refer to it when looking at the last questions.

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I have the same complaint. Nested scrolling within a stimulus question is asking for trouble as students don't realize that they needed to scroll down on the inner scroll bar. This is also made worse by mouse placement when using a scroll wheel on the mouse. I created the below video in our beta environment to see the issue in action.

Whether the stimulus is set to the right or set below, the nested scroll bar is there.

Students feel a unique sense of pressure already when taking an exam and to have a labyrinth of scrolling, panning, clicking, and viewing is insane.

In my opinion, this is a major step BACKWARDS from the classic quizzes and if we get forced into this, we may have to look for another LTI for our quizzes/exams.


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