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New Quizzes Moderation - Provide option to filter quizzes not started

New Quizzes Moderation - Provide option to filter quizzes not started

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On the moderation tab for new quizzes, there is every option to filter "No Attempts Left," "Attempts in Progress," "Submitted," and "Auto Grading Failed." But there's not an option to filter students who haven't even started the quiz.

While I can go to the gradebook and send a message to those students, it would really be nice to have a quick overview ON the moderate page to see who has yet to begin.

Also on the Moderation tab, when looking at an individual student submission (such as manual grading for an essay question), it would be VERY nice to be able to switch to the next student without having to go back to the Moderate tab and having to remember which students had been reviewed. Again, I can do this in the Speed Grader, but it would really be nice to stay inside the Moderate tab.

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation

@deborah_oakley1  Thanks for sharing this idea, which we've moved forward as a request to filter the Moderation page to surface students who have not yet started the quiz. The second idea in the description is currently being discussed at  New Quizzes: Easier Navigation Between Students af...

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@deborah_oakley1, good ideas. 
These would be nice refinements that would make moderating large courses less burdensome.


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Thanks...I'm glad that others are on the same page, and I saw the other discussion as well. Hopefully these get taken up soon.

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