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New Quizzes - Shuffling questions in same question group

New Quizzes - Shuffling questions in same question group


Currently, groups in the classic mode allow me to shuffle questions within each group, but prevents shuffling the questions of the entire quiz.


For example, classic quiz mode might look like:


Special Right Triangles Group

  •     Special Right Triangles question 2

  •     Special Right Triangles question 1

  •     Special Right Triangles question 3


Coterminal angles Group

  •   Coterminal Angles question 3

  •   Coterminal Angles question 2

  •   Coterminal Angles question 1


Evaluating Trig Ratios Group

  •   Evaluating Trig Ratios question 1

  •   Evaluating Trig Ratios question 3

  •   Evaluating Trig Ratios question 2

I want to group questions like this in the "new quizzes" but can't seem to figure out how to do this without shuffling questions for the ENTIRE quiz.

I do not want all of my topics out of order.


Hello  @madeline_gorley !  Here is a method that you can try to see if it works for this.  It worked for me in New Quizzes.

  1. Add an item bank to a quiz (How do I create an item bank in New Quizzes?)
  2. Edit the item bank quiz question arrow pointing to edit icon
  3. Select Randomly select questions and set the number of questions you want to use from the item bank.

Item bank shuffle settings

This setting should allow you to use all or some of the questions from the item bank and pull them in to the quiz in a random order.

Hope this helps.

Community Member

Thanks  @ryan_corris ‌ ! I will give this a try! I have never used item banks before. I need to look into how item banks work. Normally I don't reuse quiz questions, unless I change all of the numbers. If I am going to use item banks so that I can import similar questions into mutliple quizzes, I am going to have to learn latex language.

I like that in the original classic mode I could just add the questions directly into a quiz group without having to use a pre-made item bank, but thanks for providing a solution! Smiley Happy 

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

 @madeline_gorley ‌, please let us know if the solution Ryan provided accomplishes the goal you've described in this idea submission; if it does, we will mark the idea for archival. Thanks!

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I have a department meeting on Thursday. Let me discuss this solution with my department before you archive my request! Classic mode makes it so easy to add question groups. Although Ryan provided a work around for New Quizzes, I still do not think this approach is as user-friendly as what was offered in Classic quiz mode. 

Once I discuss the solution with the math department at Lakota, I will comment again as to whether or not the solution Ryan offered meets the needs of the majority of teachers in our department.


Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Thank you,  @madeline_gorley ‌! We look forward to hearing the update.

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@madeline_gorley  I have been delaying migration of my practice quizzes that were designed the way you describe because of the hassle of transferring all of those question groups into item banks.  I was expecting that I would need to re-segregate the groups within the quiz, and manually create each item bank.  But at this point, that is fortunately not the case!  When you click the migrate button on a quiz built with question groups, it automatically creates item banks for each group and programs the random selection from that bank just the way @ryan_corris  described.  If your quiz already exists as a classic quiz with question groups all you need to do is click the three dot menu and select migrate!  It take a few moments more than other migrations, and then you will have the quiz already programmed and ready to use.

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Any update on this? I am also looking for a "group" function in the New Quizzes.