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Currently, groups in the classic mode allow me to shuffle questions within each group, but prevents shuffling the questions of the entire quiz.


For example, classic quiz mode might look like:


Special Right Triangles Group

  •     Special Right Triangles question 2

  •     Special Right Triangles question 1

  •     Special Right Triangles question 3


Coterminal angles Group

  •   Coterminal Angles question 3

  •   Coterminal Angles question 2

  •   Coterminal Angles question 1


Evaluating Trig Ratios Group

  •   Evaluating Trig Ratios question 1

  •   Evaluating Trig Ratios question 3

  •   Evaluating Trig Ratios question 2

I want to group questions like this in the "new quizzes" but can't seem to figure out how to do this without shuffling questions for the ENTIRE quiz.

I do not want all of my topics out of order.

Who rated this idea