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Option to remove instructors from groups

Option to remove instructors from groups

Currently in Canvas when you create a student group in a course it automatically lists all of the TA's/Teachers in the group under the 'people' tab. 

This is an idea to suggest the option to remove selected TAs/Teachers or Instructors from the group if required as it can be overwhelming for students to see all of the instructors in the 'people' tab of their group when possibly only a small amount are monitoring that particular group. 


Thanks for this idea submission, This idea sounds specific to groups, but there is a related idea at," modifiedtitle="tr..., that people may be interested in as well. 


@j_avneriI would love to know how you get instructors and TAs to be group members.  we would like that option but do not see users with such roles as being available to be in a group.


@Nancy_Webb_CCSF , good question -- teachers or TAs can't be assigned as members anymore, but they are listed automatically in the People tab after navigating to a group, (a.k.a "Group Roster"), under a Teachers & TAs heading shown to the right of the Group Members (students in the group). 

(At one time student-created groups could have a student add or invite teachers and TAs.  I haven't found the release note explaining when that changed, but it did a few years ago.)


Thanks @RobDitto I see now where those teachers and TAs appear.  They are not official group members, but they do appear in People in the Group workspace, perhaps so students can know they have access to view discussions etc. 

If we were allowed to officially add teachers, TAs and other non-students to groups, this would be fixed.  Maybe their names would only appear if they were group members.