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Partial Credit for all New quizzes question types

Partial Credit for all New quizzes question types

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I teach 8th grade, and I encountered an issue when creating a quiz in the new version of Quizzes. Only one type of question (multiple answer choices) has the option for partial credit. This caused me to have to go back in and regrade all 119 students' tests to give partial credit for matching questions and for ordering questions. I would love to see the partial credit option for all questions types, if that is possible. Thanks!

Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea, @JoshuaTillman . We already have active ideas requesting partial credit for each quiz type, so please search the Idea Conversations forum for those ideas and add your rating and comments to those (I provided a link to initial search results for your review).

The product manager for New Quizzes has been actively engaging with community members, and we encourage you to follow her blog posts and the development timeline in the New Quizzes User Group.

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I am an instructor at a university that has recently switched to Canvas.

Please allow partial credit for Multiple Choice Questions in New Quizzes. Currently, this is not an option, so a student either receives full credit or 0 credit, so I have to manually assign partial credit.

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Please allow for partial credit for ALL questions in New quizzes--ordering, matching, etc.