[Permissions] Limit Access to Commons from Specific Users


At our university, we have student employees who work as TAs or Course Builders. They are added to courses as TA, Designer, or Teacher (depending on their role for the project). These students are also often given sandbox sites in which they have the role of Teacher.

These students automatically have access to Commons which poses Academic Integrity issues as faculty share quizzes, assignments, etc. in Commons.

We'd like to see options where student employees cannot gain access to Commons.

Community Team
Community Team
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Community Explorer

Completely agree.  Students should be able to create content without having access to the commons.  

Community Participant

Strongly agree and am somewhat surprised that something like this is left to social media up votes instead of being dealt with immediately since it is regarding student access to content they shouldn't have access to.  I'll have to see if I can interact with a TA in a way to assess if mine have access that I don't want - without tipping my hat...  Please address this issue as soon as possible.  I'd really appreciate a dashboard where I can customize what my TAs have and do not have access to.

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