Please bring back the drop down menu for showing sections in the grade screen!


I just saw yesterday that the drop down menu for sections in the grading window has been replaced by a clunky filter option.  If you are trying to add the feature to choose more than one section at a time, then isn't there someway to click more than one section in a drop down menu?  The filter option is clunky and time consuming.


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Community Team
Community Team
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Hi @CM04 -

Currently, the Enhanced Gradebook Filters should be an option for schools and courses. If you are unable to use the standard dropdown option, your school may have enabled it universally. 

Because this feedback is directly connected to one of our newest features, the Community Team asks all comments, questions, and requests related to the Enhanced Gradebook Filters to be directed to the Gradebook Filters Group. Other early adopters share their experiences, and Instructure Project Managers actively monitor that space. I hope that you're able to connect and collaborate with others in that User Group. Feedback like what you shared here is important to bring into the conversation!

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