Remove the Import to "All" Button in Commons or Move it to the Bottom of the course list.


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It's a bit to easy to  inadvertently import commons content to all courses you have access to.  Additionally, there is no confirmation check.  We've had numerous faculty inadvertently import commons content to all of their courses or to the wrong course.

It can be very tedious and time consuming to remove the content from a live course with student activity.

I'd like to suggest moving the Import to "All" courses to the bottom of the course list, or remove it entirely.  Additionally, a confirmation check telling you what you are about to do wouldn't hurt either.




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Another way to tackle this is to have commons items not auto import but use the option to select what connect to move. This adds one more layer and would also stop a "select all" import from happening. I know this would be a change for folks to get used to but there have been many times that folks want one or two items out of a commons import. That can be done by downloading and importing but that's a few extra steps.

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I have a similar issue with the 'export course content' button at the top of the module page.  The 'collapse modules' button often repositions itself as the modules page is loading.  If I click too soon on the collapse button, it registers as 'export course.'


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I agree that is a bit too easy to import Commons content into all courses. One of our professors (quite a power user) inadvertently imported content into 57 courses. Instructure Support was unable to offer any remedy to this situation. It took me eight days and 70+ hours of work to backup snapshots of the courses from BETA, analyze the impact of the bad imports, and write my own Python script to reverse the damage.

Canvas makes you confirm if you reset course content. At minimum, I would suggest a similar confirmation dialog to make sure the user really wants to do the import. Something like this:



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