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Rubric for Informational Text with No Point Value

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Rubric for Informational Text with No Point Value

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Sometimes rubrics (we refer to them as Scoring Guides) have lines of text with no point value associated with it.  It's purely "information only", and it does not require a score (highlighted below).  In order to work around this, we have to have two "zero" scores in there.  It would be helpful to have an option to create an "informational" row where no points (including zero) have to be displayed.


Use case: We sometimes have Scoring Guides with several rows of criteria which contain values of "Met" and "Not Met" instead of point values.  These are more of a "check-off" for each criteria, and therefore no points should be assigned for that row.


As a side note, when you use a rubric in the SpeedGrader to grade a criteria that has two "zero" scores, both get highlighted in green even if you click on just one of them.

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Community Member

Yes! It would be great to have the ability to add text headers and sections into a rubric (not to mention ​ within those sections). For example, when I build a rubric against course or departmental outcomes, usually I want to be able to flag the general group that a set of criteria are coming from.

In fact, I would really like to also have a way to have a summary row for a section, so that the final rubric score was the aggregation of the various section scores, which themselves were aggregates of the criteria within each section. That would rock my world.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Agreed,​!  Actually, use my link here: if you want to vote and comment on drag/drop rubric criteria.  The one you have linked to has now been archived because it was a duplicate.

Community Member

Good suggestion,​!

Community Member

I think there is a lot of potential in using rubrics without a points score associated with a rating or criteria.

The rational is simple, if students see a points value, they focus on this. The teachers are worried that they will think it is "scoring" or being marked against their submission. When in reality it is for feedback.

This suggestion goes someway to covering this, but I would say it would be great if more than one can be included.

Good step in the right direction.

Community Member

this is close to what i need to create non-numeric rubrics - would like to create without having to double zero anything i.e. NO number values at all

Provide option to use NON-numeric rubrics

Community Member

In fact, it would be keen if one could have labeled, described criteria groups on a rubric (and sub-groups, naturally Smiley Wink), much like the outcome groups that are being drawn on to create the rubrics.

Community Coach
Community Coach

This is an example of an actual Scoring Guide that I will be building as a rubric inside of a Canvas Assignment.  As you can see, there are only "Yes" and "No" values in the Scoring Guide, and according to the rating scales, there aren't any points assigned.


As I've stated at the bottom of my feature idea above, I'll have to assign the Yes to 1 point and No to 0 points...otherwise when an instructor grades the student work via the SpeedGrader, something like this happens:


Notice that not only did both "Yes" and "No" get highlighted because they both have a "0" score...but now "No" appears before "Yes" because it's now alphabetized the cells because both are at "0" points.  😞

Community Member

Exactly what I want for my institution!

Community Member

I have the same problem. Some ratings appears before others even if you don't want. Smiley Sad
It would be nice if I could give some ratings without points and continue the things I filled in. 

Community Member

i would like a rubric that requires no points or  percentages whatsoever so if i want to select a text scale or value ( e.g. good/ poor) i can - with not a number or score in sight