I would love to be able to share a rubric I created with my team of teachers.   It is so easy to share a page or quiz, why not the rubric?

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Community Team
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Hi @lisa_manes 

Thanks for starting this conversation.  There is interest in sharing a rubric to the Commons as well.

There is a way that rubrics can be entered at the account level and then shared with fellow instructors.  You'd need to work with your local Canvas admin to do this.  How do I add a rubric in an account? - Canvas Community 

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Could the Send to and Copy to buttons be added to the Rubric viewing page?

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It would be so helpful if the Copy to and Send to options were added to rubrics like they are for assignments. Currently, rubrics can only be shared if they are attached to an assignment. My team will often link the rubric in the assignment but forget to attach it before they share it with everyone; this results in every team member individually having to add the rubric themselves since no one caught it until after students submitted it. 

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Agreed.  My thoughts are coming from this perspective - I work in a public school in a state that has purchased statewide access to Canvas and I work in the second largest district in that state.  For example, it would be helpful if our AP teachers could share rubrics with other teachers in the through the Commons and those same teachers could copy and share rubrics with other teachers in other schools.  Additionally, many rubrics can be used interchangeably with assignments (think speaking and writing objectives in a foreign language class). The ability to copy and send rubrics (separate from the assignments) would be extremely helpful.  While I do appreciate the option for school division administrators to share rubrics, it would be helpful for our teachers to share indivually and in the Commons.   

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