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When deleting Announcements and Discussions, it would be nice to have a "select all" and/or "delete all" option.

Currently Discussions need to be deleted one at a time, and we also have to click Delete a 2nd time in a "Are you Sure" pop up.  This is tedious.  It would be nice to do this faster with less clicks.

Announcements are a little bit better, but we still have to manually check the box to the left of each and every one, with no "select all" option at the top to quickly check all the boxes at once.

These are common features on other software products, it would be nice if Canvas could add them.  Thanks.


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Hi @MrOrlando -

Thank you for sharing your idea for improving Announcements and Discussions.

There are some ideas currently open which address your request. Because of there are active conversations already, I'm going to Archive this thread as a duplicate.

Feel free to join those discussions and rate (star) them! 

Bulk Editing Options for Announcements

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