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Please change the periods in the gradebook to contain 1st and 2nd semester Grade Totals. Currently, teachers can only choose All Periods, 3rd Quarter, or 4th Quarter.

In our school, our semester two grade encompasses both 3rd and 4th quarter grades. Now, they can only see one or the other. Therefore, from now until the end of the year, my students will not be able to see an accurate grade report on Canvas rendering the Grades button unusable. 

This is a normal grading system that I am sure many teachers use and would appreciate having the ability to choose. 

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Community Team
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Hi @BrookeBarfield -

Thank you for taking the time to share an Idea!

I did a search of our existing Ideas, and I found View both quarter grades at the same time and I'm wondering if that would align with what you posted. If so, I can merge the conversations together. If not, let's work together so Community members and Project Managers can tell what makes each request unique! Thanks. 🙂

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I looked at the comment and they are similar, but mine is just wanting to add the feature of looking at grades based on semesters. Right now you only give the option for a single quarter or the whole year, but that is not how grades are relayed to the students. 

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Hi! Thank you for clarifying @BrookeBarfield. This Idea will focus on the Student experience with multiple grading periods and the grades page.