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Studio Video Quiz as a Timed Single Attempt Quiz

Studio Video Quiz as a Timed Single Attempt Quiz


I think it would be a great idea if instead of putting a studio quiz in the assignments option that we could use the quiz option that allows us to be able to time a quiz, allow a single attempt, and have the grades feed automatically into the gradebook. Also to be able to assign point value to the questions. For example: If I only have 10 questions in the video, but I want each one to count for 2 points. 

As of right now, in the assignments page options they are allowed multiple attempts, and each question is automatically assigned a 1 pt. value. And while I have limited the time the assignment is open, it's still not restrictive enough on number of attempts.


Shayla Moose

Community Team
Community Team

 @moose ‌, as this idea moves through the community evaluation process, have you considered not using a Studio quiz for this purpose, but using New Quizzes instead? An instructor can create a stimulus in New Quizzes that embeds a video, and can then associate questions of any type with that stimulus. The quiz can be set to allow only one attempt if desired, and students' grades on this quiz will automatically populate the Gradebook. How do I insert stimulus content in New Quizzes?  shows how to use the stimulus, and shows how to insert a video in the stimulus.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

In my first few attempts of using Studio Quizzes, you might be able to solve the issue of each question only being worth one point.  If you want 10 questions each to be worth 2 points.  Create the 10 questions, but in the assignment editing page, set the assignment itself to 20 points.  When I tried this, SpeedGrader showed the correct percentage of the assignment points and not the Studio Quiz points.

Community Member

 @llastree ‌

Community Member

I agree that Canvas really needs additional options within the video - at least for interactive online instruction. The suggested solution to create a quiz allows the student to see the question before watching the video and shop for an answer, and adding a time limit would include the time they need to watch the video. Calling it a quiz is a bad idea, as this is still the formative phase of learning. This doesn't really work when trying to use more interactive videos for online instruction (vs quiz evaluation), as they may need to pause the video if life interrupts them, or they want to re-watch something if they get interrupted.  The questions you ask them are no longer real-time or interactive, which for me is the entire point of having questions within a video. I want one and only one question to pop up when they reach that point in the video, and I want to force a timed answer at that point in time, with only one submission allowed. I want to see how they responded the next time I interact with them. The point would be to get them to think at that point in the video and to document their current understanding in an interactive learning environment. The quiz options don't allow this, and having them take a quiz vs having them watch a video sends entirely different messages to the student. I want an interactive video that they watch in entirety where I can record their progress, not a quiz for evaluation where they can easily scroll through the content to shop for the answer. Not knowing the question ahead of time, or where that question will appear, or how many questions will appear is very important, and these are the primary reasons to embed questions within a video. Please take the time to give Canvas Videos additional quiz options. It really has the potential to be very useful as an instructional tool with additional options (one submission, time limit at the time of the pop-up question). 

Even worse, if you try out/start your quiz in the suggested format in student view to see what they can see, you can no longer unpublish the quiz, because there is a student submission.

Community Member

The Studio options aren't up to other video software that allows integration of quiz questions. The need to utilize quiz answers without allowing students to go back provides instructors with the areas of need when analyzing class quiz results. This provides the ability to fill the gap with an in-class discussion or another educational activity. Studio needs to upgrade the video section to align with the quiz section of Canvas or mirror that. Also need to provide the ability for the instructor to limit the ability to go back and re-answer a question, and/or how many times the video can be watched. The quizzes in Canvas do allow this but Studio Video Quizzes do not. Upgrading this would be very helpful for instructors, and students, so that we can identify and help to close learning gaps. 

Community Member

I agree that it is very important to be able to limit the number of attempts in Studio Quizzes. The worst part for me is that when I added my quiz as an assignment, there is an option to limit the attempts to 1 so I thought I had set it correctly. I only found out after my students started taking it that it allowed multiple attempts. 

Community Participant

I thought I could use Studio Quizzes as an incentive to get my students to watch the instructional videos I wanted them to watch.  To my horror, I found a student could zip through the videos and the questions, not caring a wit about the correct answers, because, after submission, the correct answers are posted (we can't prevent this) AND then the student can retake the quiz (we can't prevent this either), filling in the correct answers for 100%.  Major Flaw!!

I would like the ability to control the date and time of the posting of correct answers for Studio Quizzes as we do for Canvas Quizzes.

I would also like the ability to control the number of attempts allowed.  Although we can set these in Canvas, Studio overrides them.

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